Upcoming NFT platform for renowned artists and established creators.

HistoryMakr is creating a space where traditional art lovers and digital collecting communities can come together under one roof.

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Our curated platform will onboard entirely new waves of people into the NFT market, through innovative collections and an outstanding user experience.

We're now in the final stages of building our own platform and are excited to share what we've built, with the world. The platform will operate on Ethereum and is on track to launch in December.

Alongside the curated NFT collections that will be featured on the platform. Some of the UX features we have prioritized are:

  • Simple fiat and crypto payments accepted
  • Hot or cold wallet options for different user experience levels
  • Clean and easy to navigate user-interface


We thrive on radical ideas and have a team capable of executing them. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, the core-team is united around values of hard work and sound ethics.

Mike Sotirakos

Mike Sotirakos


As an award winning technology entrepreneur, Mike has over 16 years experience in developing technology startups into highly-successful global enterprises. Former MD at NEM Software.

Ben Brophy

Ben Brophy


Experienced Commercial Director, having built and led a series of tech-led organisations. 15 years in finance, followed by 5 years developing & launching Blockchain and Machine Learning business and products. Focused on our Clients, our Product and delivering on our potential.

Sabri Gazail

Sabri Gazail


Sabri has been involved in creating and running businesses in multiple different niches over the last 14 years. His understanding of marketing & psychology coupled with the ability to spot opportunity and create partnerships that bring real value and excitement to a market, positions Sabri perfectly for the commercial aspect of the business.

Peter Howell

Peter Howell

Head of Product

Fintech background and consistently early adopter of new technologies, Peter has almost 10 years experience in the cryptocurrency space. Passionate about creating & investing in great products that have a positive impact on the world and long term market potential.

Gareth Christian-Lim

Gareth Christian-Lim


Over 15 years’ experience in web and software. Developed the architecture for multiple successful online platforms. Passionate about developing, and progressing internet technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Voice Commerce, and Blockchain.

Mark Welsh

Mark Welsh

Head of B.D.

Over 12 years in business, Mark is an experienced problem solver, motivator and is passionate about utilising technology in a fun and creative way. Mark stays focused on adding value to clients and helping them adapt to change. Always searching for opportunities to inspire and progress, whilst being resourceful and creative.


After a few months of planning and building the right team. Development of the platform and our first NFT collections started in Summer 2021. The platform launch will take place before the end of the year.

Oct 2021

  • Launch the Feel Good NFT Collection.

Nov 2021

  • Release the next generative art NFT collection & announce new talent.
  • Release the white paper for the $HMKR token.

Dec 2021

  • Launch our own curated market place and platform.

Q1 2022

  • Partnerships with major art galleries formalised and launch on HistoryMakr
  • Our celebrity NFT collections are integrated into a retro gaming universe which enables new applications / utility for all our NFT collections

Vision for the future

Our mission is to build a platform and community that bridges the gap between traditional art lovers and digital collecting communities.

We see NFT’s as one of the most fundamentally powerful technologies that the creative world has ever had access to. Part of our mission is to empower these creators to capture the value they create.

Our intention is to consistently push the boundaries of what can be achieved via NFT’s with cutting-edge developers and creative talent working together. A few things we have coming soon:

  • Visual NFT collections from famous musicians where the art is generated via AI technology using audio as the primary input to produce animation.
  • Games that combine NFT technology with legendary icons from the enterainment and sports worlds.
  • More fine-artist collaborative projects that push the boundaries on what we’ve currently seen in the space.